Lesson Plans

Weekly and Personalised

Weekly Lesson Plans

Every child and teenager around the globe is is different.

Every student learns at a different pace. Unfortunately teachers in a classroom cannot teach to the level of 25 or 30 different students.
We create an individual weekly lesson plan for every single student that is enrolled in our program. The lesson plans are within the online teaching program. When a student logs in, they are prompted to participate in the individualised lessons and tests from the Australian Curriculum.
Every Monday morning, every student has a brand new set of lessons to complete, which are based on how well the student completed their lesson plan in the previous week.
How do we know what every student needs to learn?
 5 years worth of research and development has gone into creating the Maths Doctor diagnostic assessment. Once completed, the Maths Doctor generates a precise report of the exact concepts that students have either misunderstood or forgotten from the past 4 years of the Australian Curriculum. This Maths Doctor report, enables us to create individual lesson plans which link directly into our teaching programs. When a student logs into the teaching programs, they complete the individual lesson plans and rebuild their educational foundations. Once foundations have been rebuilt, students can forge ahead of the classroom teacher.

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