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A little about us…

Maxbury is a premium supplier of Kinetic Education curriculum specific tutoring solutions.

Created in Australia in 1989, the teaching programs continue to adapt to the ever changing world of personal technology.

Today, their cloud based Maths Wiz, English Wiz and Science Wiz programs are at the forefront of personalised learning and pedagogy. Their dedication to every enrolled student and family is second to none.


The Teaching Programs

Diagnostic Assessments

Our diagnostic assessments will precisely pinpoint any misunderstood or forgotten concepts that students have from the past 4 years of learning the Australian Curriculum. This is the very first thing that we complete with every enrolled student.

Personalised Weekly Lesson Plans

Every Monday morning, every student will log into their Study Room to find a brand new set of personalised lesson plans. The content within the lesson plans will adapt depending how the individual student’s understanding from the previous week.

Incentives, Prizes and Games

Students earn points for every lesson, test, assessment, game or tutorial they complete. Students can spend the points within the Study Room to buy new educational games, enter competitions, or to buy iTunes vouchers.

In-Depth Tutorials and Tests

Asking a question to a student without teaching the concept is a waste of time. Every concept on the Australian Curriculum is taught in Maths, English and Science Wiz programs in an age appropriate manner within our tutorials. If the students cannot read, the lessons will be read for them.

Weekly Parent Reports

Parents generally like to know what their children are learning or studying. Every Monday when we send through a new lesson plan to students, we email a detailed and easy to read report to parent based on the previous weeks work.

Live Tutoring from Real Tutors

Sometimes when students are working through a difficult tutorial or they have homework that they don’t understand they will need extra help. Our phone based tutors are rockstars. Give them a call! They prevent a lot of parent-teenager arguments!

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Step One.

Student Diagnostic Assessment

Each student enrolled in our program completes our precise Maths Doctor diagnostic assessment based on the Australian Curriculum.

Step Two.

Weekly Individual Lesson Plans

Every single student receives individualised and adaptive weekly lesson plans based on their diagnosed level of understanding.

Step Three.


Students complete tutorials, lessons, games and tests from the curriculum. They also receive help from our professional tutors on the telephone.

Step Four.

Weekly Parent Reports

Parents are never kept out of the loop. Every week a detailed report is emailed to one or both parents. If you have 4 children, you will receive 4 reports.

"...state of the art, curriculum based, educational programs that places it at the forefront of emerging personalised approaches to learning and pedagogy."

− Christopher Cotching, President of the Australian Principals Federation

"Maths Wiz has helped me to be awarded one of my school's academic scholarships.""

− Nada, Academic Scholarship

"The increase in confidence was quite remarkable. In fact, kids that had no confidence had started contributing in the classroom."

− Peter Hurst, Teacher and Maths Coordinator

"...the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning maths through conventional methods."

− George Moran, School Principal

Enter to Win 12 Months Tutoring!